Your community needs your support.

People who shop at farmers markets enjoy fresh, wholesome produce throughout the growing season, while helping to keep small farms viable. There are other, less obvious benefits, too. Buying locally grown food conserves energy and other natural resources, reduces air and water pollution, preserves green space, and helps build a stronger, more close-knit community.

Buying locally at farmers markets cuts down on the miles food travels, the fossil fuels it consumes, and the pollution it creates. It also cuts down on the amount of food packaging that ends up in landfills. All this means is that the farmer is able to become more profitable and provide their consumers the freshest foods possible.

Farmers Markets present the best opportunity to buy local, fresh food that improves both your health and the environment. Have a chat with the farmers to learn how your purchase supports local, sustainable economies and responsible environmental practices.

Now get out there and show your support by patronizing your local farmers market.

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