What we are about…

The Southwest Florida Farmers Market Coalition serves as a central hub for farmers markets throughout Southwest Florida. These local businesses share the same passion for providing the freshest and healthiest food to it’s neighboring communities. Together these entrepreneurs are helping spread the word about shopping and eating locally to help sustain the environment and the local economy. By visiting and patronizing your local farmers markets you too are helping with these same goals.

Visiting a local farmers market can be lots of fun. Some farmers’ markets let you pick your own fruits and vegetables, some even have animals that you can pet. Farmers markets are a great place for the entire family to visit and spend time with each other. You could spend the day picking and then enjoy lunch at your local farmers market. Gathering food for your family is a great way to get exercise and provide a healthy meal for your family. So do yourself and your community a favor, shop and eat local. Support your local farmers’ market.

Our Mission Statement

“We strive to bring communities together through supporting local farmers’ markets and eating locally grown food.”